My Philosophy and My Vision

Birth and motherhood is something I have always been extremely interested in and it still fills me with wonder and excitement today. I am so proud of what my life calls me to do and very much enjoy serving and empowering women.

My true passion is assisting women to live healthful, holistic, embodied, purposeful, spiritually connected, unique, and individual lives.

I think we are led into a trap in today’s birth culture. We are taught that birth is painful, scary, and traumatic, thus should be ‘managed’ in almost all cases by those in the medical realm. Very often the mother’s voice is left unheard and, sadly, many birth stories are traumatic tales. Why? Because our bodies are sick and tired of being in a big medical and industrial system.

Each pregnancy should be seen as an individual case. These days, birth seems to be almost totally taken over by modern medical procedures, yet birth is actually a natural and perfectly normal physiological happening.

As a doula coming from Japan, one of the lowest mortality rate and c-section rate countries in the world, I feel there are things I can share about ‘labour pain’ with mothers and midwives in Western societies. As long as the mother carries a healthy pregnancy, it’s always better for her not to be controlled or ‘managed’ at all.

Many mothers report an unsatisfactory level of consideration for their needs and have a disappointing birthing experience at the hands in hospital realm they have never met who are simply ‘doing their job’. Women should be taught to trust themselves.

I think we can create a new paradigm for birth, but it’s only going to emerge if we are courageous enough to express ourselves. We need to establish our own value and then express to others how much we are worth.

The hormonal changes and the chemical reactions taking place during and after birth are amazing! I want all women to be aware of how their bodies work in such incredible harmony! I’d like to see our amazing bodies respected in more humanised care. Women need to be given the time and the space to give birth naturally and peacefully.

Peaceful births can happen, with harmony of body, mind, and spirit. Women need to get anchored and connect to their hearts as they prepare for birth. I feel it’s urgent to share this with women.

In each culture I have found women who are filled with wisdom and many whose power is yet to be released. I want to teach women to own their authentic wisdom, draw on their inner strength, and to appreciate the beauty and wonder of their feminine capacity. I hope you join us in freeing your own forgotten femininity and embracing the wild, feminine side of you that is waiting to be expressed.

Women have been empowering each other through the ages. It’s time to nurture ourselves and heal our sisters. When we gather, we can reconnect to our wild, feminine landscape and magnify the powerful feminine energy that lives deep within each one of us. Moving with music, dancing together, sharing in unique ways, sparks fly from our sacred space! Let us reclaim our natural, authentic selves and re-connect with our planet. I believe that as women heal themselves, our Mother Earth heals too.

I am dedicated to helping women overcome the increasingly common modern issues, reclaim birth, and restore its sanctity. I want women to have a beautiful and enjoyable pregnancy and an enlightening birthing experience.