Experience and Specialitie

What exactly do you get from my classes?

I advise my clients on the importance of their diet and suggest beneficial physical exercises. I also use a variety of energy healing techniques, including aroma, crystals, and chanting. Some of my work involves music and dance. I also give meditative homework to encourage and guide mums-to-be to take a few moments each day to connect deep inside of themselves.

Having spoken to many people about my work, I know that some don’t always quite get what I’m trying to convey. There was one woman who asked me, “Excuse me, so are you are a type of witch?” Another women said, “You sounds like an Eco-feminist!” Well, it’s not quite that… although I am not against feminism. I am absolutely supportive of the rights of women and very much believe in taking care of Mother Earth (Gaia).

For a long time I wondered what to call myself in order to adequately express what my work is about. I realise that all of us are coming from different mindsets and conscious places, and I want to avoid misunderstandings. While I do speak about embracing the power we have as women, I’m not trying to make a point about our equality to men. Women and men are very different and it’s important to acknowledge our differences. However, I believe there is no point in making a comparison. Each gender has their own unique power and their own original flow of energy. The world needs both of these energies (masculinity and femininity, yin and yang) to be balanced in a harmonious way.

In a sense, my mission is about sharing and embracing the magnificent feminine qualities that our womanly bodies have to offer. Femininity does not always have to mean feminism. My aim is to help women understand and acknowledge their sacred inner power and to show them how to express it. ‘Living in our femininity’ purely implies not being afraid to express whatever it is that makes you feel strong and beautiful. To me, this means living like a goddess, and expressing ourselves physically in a way that makes us feel comfortable. I feel that this is how to embody being divinely feminine, and this is what I am sharing with women.

I try to explain how to be fully accepting of the things that happen to us in our lives. Then we begin to realise that everything is meaningful and everything happens for the highest good. At the same time we can set an intention to sense ‘nature’ and distinguish between our fears and what feels ‘right’ and natural to us. I encourage people to act on their intuition and to use the information that their body is giving them. Discernment is a skill that takes practice, but we all have this unlimited source of information available to us.

Women will be offered opportunities to become aware of what has been holding them back from profoundly connecting with a sense of personal inner wisdom. A series of my sessions will help pregnant women to heal the emotional wounds they have from past family relationships so that they can achieve freedom through birth.